Saturday, January 27, 2007

Post-sterilisation update

As luck would have it, it had to rain in the morning when I took the cats to the vet, and it had to suddenly rain again when we took the cats back yesterday evening!

At the clinic, the cats were left to sleep (on the incontinence sheet) in the carrier which is then placed in the cage...!?! Could they not have left the cat in the cage (without the carrier), or are they trying to keep their cage clean? The cats must have pee-ed while in their deep, groggy sleep and their underneath smelled of pee and chemicals. The vet and assistant were quite attentive and did a nice, small ear-tip on both cats.

At home, once I open the pet carriers, Coco immediately stepped out of the carrier and walk or rather, wobbled right into the litter bin to pee. She wanted to bury the sand too, but I scooped her up and did the job for her. Snowy just wobbled out and wanted to jump up to the sideboard by the window. Coco had already jumped onto the bed to lay down in the cat bed.

I could not help laughing at their wobbling, although it was also painful to watch the poor darlings struggling in their groggy state. Finally, I set up the cage for them, as it was the only way to stop them from jumping to their favourite perch.

I went to check on the cats at 6am, and found both cats more sober. There was less of the pee and chemical smell on them - they'd cleaned themselves well, and Snowy had also pee-ed in the litter bin. I let them out of the cage and Coco started eating the dry food. While I wasn't looking, Snowy tried to jump up to the sideboard....and did not make it. *Ouch !* She then sat on the scratch mat with her head down and eyes closed. I think she was stunned speechless, probably at the pain she must have felt, and at her failed jump. *heart pain* I put back the step-stool next to the sideboard to facilitate her climb.

Later in the morning, Snowy tried to eat one kibble this morning, but had trouble swallowing. By the afternoon, both have started eating and drinking a bit more, although Snowy is not doing as well as Coco. Both purred when I sayang them. I shall steam some chicken which I hope will whet their appetite.


KXBC said...

It's good they are finally home safe and sound.

The princesses usually take a longer time to heal. Don't worry too much.

Try not to let them jump, just in case the stitches tear and you have to make another trip to the vet. Watch out for infection at the surgery area. Keep it clean there.

Yuan Yuan was tearing at the surgery thread a day after so if you see any thread sticking out, cut it off with those blunt tip scissors before they tug at it.

It's good they are finally home safe and sound.

auntie p said...

kxbc: Thanks! You know what, the amazing thing was there is no external stitches at all - all the stitching was done internally! All I can see is a small ring of what looks like a pink bruise, and a pink spot in the centre of the ring. I'll try to take a pic when they're better. The stitches will dissolve in 7-8 weeks.

You were saying how you get anxious and unable to concentrate on work when your fur kids were sent for spaying/tooth extraction. I wonder what it's going to be like when it comes to your human kids. I also realised most of your fur kids are gals! :)

KXBC said...

I think I know what you mean by internal stitching. The wound looks like their 9th nipple, right?

I equate my furkids as my human kids, if I have any. So I will be as anxious, be they cats or humans. No favoritism. :)

I like girl cats and adopted them specifically because they are girls. Had no choice with Chang Chang as we resuced him when he was just one day old. He had a sister who did not make it after struggling for 12 days.

Cat said...

Good to hear that they are doing well.

I guess as parents, we are always nervous & worried with our babies are sick, in vet for whatever reasons. The relief we felt when they recover. :-)

I remember when Dim Sum was first snipped. She was jumping up the window the first night after her 'op' & had her first fight with Beauty the next day.