Friday, January 12, 2007

Goodies for Chinese New Year

It that time of the year to start preparing for the Chinese New Year (CNY). I've already started washing the curtains during the past 2 sunny weekends, and there will be lots more to do at home.

Let's not forget to order the yummy CNY goodies to share with visiting guests during the CNY. Actually, the leftover goodies will most likely end up in our own tummies, since we have few visitors, but we're not complaining, especially with our new goodies supplier!

Phyllis will be baking up a storm again. There's a wider selection this time:

Here's the information taken from Paw Pledge:

All the proceeds from this bake sale will go to Phyllis' cattery. She'll apportion part of the money for sterilisations and the remaining for vet fees and cattery costs.

Clockwise from top:

Love Letters (100 pcs) - $10
Pineapple Tarts (46 pcs) - $15
Cashew Nut Cookies (Vegan) - $10
Almond Cookies (Vegan) - $10
Mini Kuih Bahulu (100 pcs) - $10
Vegan Swirl (Middle - 100 pcs) - $10

All cookies and tarts are packaged in nice airtight gift containers. Love letters are packaged in the Chinese New Year container.

To place your order, please email Remember to leave your phone number and address for delivery. Due to shortage of manpower & volunteers, there'll only be free deliveries for orders $40 and above. Thanks for understanding.


cat_aunty said...

Oh ho ho Auntie P, they, looked, yummylicious!!!!

CatDonna & Cats said...

Hi auntie p!

Please mail me your address to receive a happy prize for taking part in my little blog contest!

Don't worry about trouble or expense, it's my pleasure really.