Saturday, January 13, 2007

Nonsensical people who are too free

Some people are just so full of nonsense. They probably have nothing better to do with their empty lives, and so choose to make the stray cats' lives miserable. I found another instance of such nonsense this morning - someone apparently emptied the bowl of drinking water (for Jon Jon and Sugar) into their sleep boxes!

With the recent rainy weather, Ms A had prepared 2 small boxes laid with newspapers so that these two cats can at least have a dry spot to sleep in. The boxes were usually placed in an obscure spot at the void deck that's inconspicuous to passerbys. However, with the non-stop rain of past two days, I have had to move the boxes to a drier spot, which unfortunately meant that the cats would be noticed by people passing by.

Many residents here are quite neutral to the cats, and some are even quite fond of them (they pat the cats), so I hope and pray that this small minority of nonsensical persons would move out of the estate and stop making the community cats' lives miserable!



KXBC said...

I have this theory that cat haters may poison the water left for the cats. Therefore I never leave water out for them overnight. I will feed them and give them some water if they want. If not, they will have to look for another water source somewhere.

I note that cats drink around 2 times a day only. So if they drink when I feed them, it should be quite sufficient.

auntie p said...

I do share your concern kxbc, and if cat-haters really want to poison the cats, not leaving the water bowl there will not stop them. Besides, both JJ and Sugar do drink lots of water, esp JJ with his kidney problem.