Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Kitty sisters' update

Thank you all for your suggestion of names for the 2 kitties. :) With the concurrence of the SO, we've settle on Coco and Snowy! Initially, I thought Coco is kind of difficult to pronouce properly (with the correct stress on the right syllabus) but somehow, it seem to fit the tomboyish tabby gal more than any other girly name. Xiao Bu Dian is really cute, but may not be too appealing from a marketing angle, and Lilo sounds like "come already" in local dialects. ;p

By yesterday evening, I confirmed that both know how to use the litter bin, but I'm still not sure if Snowy had pooed. Anyway, both were let out of the cat room to roam and explore.

Coco exploring the smells in the kitchen; her tail is always confidently up

Although the first to come out to the hall, the cautious Snowy ran back to the cat room to hide after a short inspection, then came out again...normal behaviour for a first time outing.

Snowy showing her manja, affectionate side; by the way, her backside also has another big "dian" - so it's at the tips of both front & back!

Confirmed & choped: Coco is a brown-orange tabby

Also more or less confirmed: these two must be sisters as both share many similar poses and like to snuggle up together

We managed to get a decent night's sleep. Although Coco still cried at around a quarter to 4am, she quietened down after I went to hush her down outside the cat room.


vegancat said...

Snowy's tail looks like it has been dipped in ink.

san said...

What an interesting tail marking snowy has. They both look quite comfortable with your aunty_p :)

Anonymous said...

the meowing shld stop when they feel more at home.

when simba first came i put him in his own room away from the other cats and he meowed in the middle of the night as well. i guess he was lonely and afraid. after the second night, i played w him w a fishing rod toy before bedtime and he didn't meow in the wee hrs anymore. either he was tired out with the playing and slept thru the night or it made him happy and helped him settle down.


auntie p said...

Vegancat: I recall reading in someone's blog that cats' tails were used in the past as ink brushes? But dunno whether with or without the cat attached. ;)

San: The tail marking is in dusky calico tones - like that of Ruby from CHAOS. Both are lovely cats and will warm up to any cat lover.

SL: You're probably right, or they could be meowing to be let out of the cat room! It still happens, and I will probably let them out to roam during our sleep time once they are more familiar with the surroundings (now I have to keep a close watch). Sometimes, they would suddenly run to me for body contact or a pat, perhaps for reassurance or whatever reason.