Monday, January 15, 2007

The cat sisters *

*Big yawn* ....zombie typing:

Thanks to the 2 little girl cats, the SO and I were awakened at 4am! Can you imagine? And it's a Monday today, for goodness sake! It's mostly the brown tabby that is so "jian3" ("restless" in Hokkien), and she kept whining and crying in the wee hours to be let out of the cat room (both haven't been let out of the cat room yet).

Other than that, both kitties are lovely. The tabby gal is adventurous and have that spunk about her - she took the lead in most things, like eating, peeing in the litter bin and using the scratch mat. Snowy the white cat just have to be a copy cat - she is cool and calm about everything, yet is quite affectionate with me. Both cats are purring machines and very clean, right down to their ears. I managed to clipped their sharp claws last night with the SO's help.

By yesterday afternoon, I had let them out of the cage even though they had not used the litter bin. To encourage them, I bought some clumping sand which I mixed with the pine pellets, since the former has a texture that resembles more closely to that of natural sand. Soon after, the smart tabby gal walked into the cage and pee-ed in the litter bin within, afterwhich she used ALL of the litter material to cover up and created a big, fat lump in the bin ...impressive, eh?

I thought of calling the white cat Lily, but SO said that reminds him of a screaming banshee cat that was boarded at Metta Cattery a long time ago, so he named her Snowy (so common!?). Seeing how she is such a Lara Croft character, I am thinking of calling the tabby gal Lara, or Coco, or Germaine, just to have a different-sounding name that doesn't end with "-ey", so both cats are clear in their names.

With both cats at home, it means I can't bring Sugar up, as we don't need the the pandemonium in our current state of the household. :P

I'll be making appointment for them to be spayed soon, and hope to rehome them as a pair. Anybody wants to chope them? Regular blog readers can have first priority. :)

In the meantime, I wonder if we'll be able to get a decent night's sleep tonight, or I might have to sleep in the cat room, with my sensitive nose and all, just to keep the cats quiet and let the SO get some sleep.

* I'm not sure if the two cats are biologically related, although both have long body shapes; KXBC is right about the fluffier coat on the tabby gal.


KXBC said...

Naming contest:

White one = 小白白
Tabby = 大zhui巴 (or BM aka Big Mouth)

Hehehe....tabbies are cute

auntie p said...

Not sure why kxbc's Chinese text didn't appear on my screen earlier, but his suggestions are:

Xiao Bai Bai (small white white)
Da Zhui Ba (big mouth) - *pengsan* but quite apt, in a way


BTW, our own name for Sugar is Xiao Bai, but I use Sugar (given by Ms A) in the blog because it's easier to type. Plus there's another Xiao Bai a few blocks away under my neighbour Ms T's jurisdiction.

ps: you want another cute tabby or not? :-)

Anonymous said...

names: how abt winter for whitey and lilo for stripey?


KXBC said...

How about xiao hu zhi for white cat? and my weird names.

And to aunty_p, no more for me, Full house already.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

i second Lara Croft for tabby. as for white one, lilo is a nice princessy name, though she must get rid of the goatie.

hey, how about calling her goatie!!! hehe... just kidding

Kootoo said...

Hows about 小不点 (Xiao Bu Dian) for the whitey? :) Since she got a "dian" at her chin.