Sunday, January 14, 2007

New abandonees

On his way home from his morning cycling, uncle S called me for SOS support, as he found Sugar in his arched-body pose, hair standing, and was all ready to pounce on two new kittens. I rushed down with the pet carrier to see uncle S carrying Sugar away, while two young teenage cats huddled in a corner, one on top of the other. Obviously, some irresponsible folks had abandoned these two newbies, and dumped so close to the claws and jaws of Sugar, the territory's king.

Not knowing what to do next, we took both cats home for the time being. Even if the two abandoned cats can survive the the current intermittent rain, they are likely to end up hurt by Sugar.

Estimated to be about 8 to 9 months old, both cats are female. One is a tabby-tortiseshell-mixed with a roundish face, the other is pure white with tri-colour tail and a faint little goatee! Both are tame and can be carried with ease. Upon reaching our home, both cats immediately calmed down and stopped whining - obvious signs that they are house cats that were abandoned.


Both cats are caged for toilet-training.

*Sigh... *


jennifer_yq said...

oh no... irresponsible again... how many times must history repeated itself....i also suspect ppl abandone their cats near the community cats becoz they think that there are always feeders to take care of them... my cats - KK and dudu are also abanboned near the area where there are feeders around...unfortunately that time, KK and dudu keep rubbing and finding passer by for food and some idoit complained to TC though both cats were only abandoned for half a day.

most probably u will need to prepare them for sterilization soon..look big liao.

Cat said...

The white one does have a goatee! :) How adorable?

Have you given them names yet?

Kootoo | Muffin | Milo said...

Spring-cleaning season again, huh? Out with the "old" and "unwanted". They look very well and adorable! May the heartless soul who abandoned them find their "peace of mind"!

san said...

Both cats are so adorable. Toilet training 2 cats - aiyoh..can be a great headache. What if sugar comes to visit and sees them?

vegancat said...

This is what many of us dread to find in a stable colony..abandonees.
Sometimes as I looked at the lights of the flats, I wonder how many cats are up there..unsterilized and still breeding.
These two cats look healthy and the white one should find a home easily and the tortie-girl can hitch onto the adoption.
All the best to their care and hope they find homes real soon...after they are sterilized.

KXBC said...

Eh, the white one must be a boy as it has a goatee. Hahaha.... Or if it is a girl, it has too much testosterone. Hahahaha....

Unlike Vegancat, I think the tortie will have a higher chance of being adopted due to its seemingly fluffier fur. But that's just me. :) I'm weird.