Friday, January 26, 2007

Stunning revelation

For a while at the office, I was too stunned for words, that I just sat at my desk and stared into space. No, this is not about Coco and Snowy's sterilisation this morning which apparently went well, but more of that later.

I was stunned because it was revealed that my boss had actually tried to make a transport claim for some side travelling in a European city which turned out to be non-official business! What made it worse was the fact that he had tried to justify his claim of over S$200 by claiming occurrences involving other admin staff, but which turned out to be falsehood. Aiyo, why do top management people making decent salaries do such a thing!?!?



kuro.shiro.neko said...

oh, auntie_p. i can understand your disgust.

i've seen worse, actually.

auntie p said...

ksn: In this case, it's more of disappointment than disgust.

I really hope it is just a misunderstanding.