Friday, January 26, 2007

My outing with Coco & Snowy

It was a little bit rough getting that frisky Coco into the pet carrier this morning, but anyhow, I just kind of "pushed & squeezed" her into it, whether she liked it or not. To begin with, both cats weren't happy at all to be inside the carriers, but once I stepped outside the main door, both were terrified and made crying sounds like I've never heard before! Snowy was making this deep, macho whining noise that for a moment, I thought I had a full-grown, mature MALE cat instead of a gentle, female cat inside.

Luckily, the rain had gotten lighter by the time I booked the taxi, as I wasn't sure how I was going to manage if I had to carry a shoulder bag, 2 pet carriers plus a big, long umbrella all at the same time. The cats were crying out loud as we waited for the cab to arrive, and only calmed down after we all got within the "safe" environment of the taxi for a while.

The vet agreed that both cats are young and are less than a year old. As per my usual experience, the frisky cats (Coco) would suddenly become very guai (well-behaved) in front of the vet (no struggle at all during physical check-up). Maybe they all know that they can bully me. :-(

I called the clinic about an hour ago - both cats are trying to wake up, but not quite sober yet. Uncle S & and I shall be able to collect them later in the evening.


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