Monday, February 26, 2007

Any post-CNY weight gain?

Imagine putting on an additional 25% of your weight in a time frame of 1.5 months. So if you're say, 50kg, you would have put on an additional 12.5 kg in 6 weeks. Can you imagine that? That is what's happening to Snowy - she is princessy in every way except that she keeps on munching on kibbles everytime she goes into the cat room where the food and water are located. Yes, EVERYTIME! Even if she was just following me into the room, she will not forget nibble on a few kibbles. It's as if she has associated that cat room with food. Also, I don't know why she has to poo twice a day. Is that a sign of fast metabolism?

From a slim, lithe, svelt body shape of 3.1kg, she has boomed into 3.8kg in almost 6 weeks! She is looking so bak bak that she is losing body definition. At this rate, I'm afraid she's going to become overweight and lose her long & lithe good looks.

Coco on the other hand, is still as slim. She was slightly thin when she came but has put on a bit of weight and is still slim. She takes lots of naps both during the day and night, but don't eat so much (but she will always eat Fussycat wet food and Cattyman bream slice). Everyday, she has moments when she's filled with "sudden spurts of energy" which makes her run around the home while making growling noises. During such neurotic moments, her tail would sometimes explode to look like a bottle brush, although she would calm down after a short while.

Perhaps it's time to displace the food to another location to distract Snowy from the food. I would still like to continue the free-choice feeding, as long as they cats don't become overweight.

ps: I have gained some weight after all the eating and munching over the CNY. Tomorrow I still have a co buffet lunch... :-(

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