Thursday, February 15, 2007

CNY is no fun for married people

Arrgghh! Chinese New Year is coming and there's still much to be done. I haven't completed the spring cleaning, what with the wet weather which ended so late this time. And I still haven't bought kum (Mandarin oranges), haven't withdraw enough money for the red packets, and haven't check if I have enough red packets to pao the money!!

Luckily, I don't have to stock up on groceries now since the kopitiam at my place will be open right through the CNY. And then we have to deal with the issue of which set of parents to have the reunion dinner with this time, and to do it diplomatically so as to maintain happiness on both sides. Fortunately, both sets of parents are easy-going.

What I dread most are the repeated questions by kay poh relatives whom we can't help but have to meet during CNY and who will inevitably ask us "When are you having children?". Previously, the question was "When are you getting married?". I supposed even if we do have a child, their question will change to "When are you having your 2nd child?" and so on, so it's never-ending! *Grrr*

By the way, the goodies I ordered from Phyllis were delivered, safe and sound by her and hubby last Sunday. The sad thing was that an acquaintance of mine who ordered Phyllis' cookies on my recommendation had to have her orders cancelled! All because the delivery man who was to deliver the goodies to her office last Monday met with an accident, and is out of action for a while. Sadly, the goodies could not be salvaged, so it's really a case of double jeopardy or 赔了夫人又折宾 for Phyllis! She would have to lose both the income that could have been made as well as the cost of ingredients (not counting the wasted time and effort)! *Sigh*

Before I forget, I must go get some cat litter before the weekend, in case the pet shops are closed for the holidays. Otherwise, it may become a messy, stinky CNY for us.

Ok, enough of rambling. Have a happy new year! Cheers!


KXBC said...

Happy new year to you too!

I am worse than you. I have not done the things you have mentioned plus even cleaning up the house. And I am still struggling with work deadlines. Die-ed already.

But luckily for me, I have enough cat food and litter to last through the new year.

auntie p said...

Heheh...there is no time to lose already, kxbc!

We were at Vivocity last night to attend an event and managed to get the cat litter from Giant. There is also a big Pet Safari there, next to Daiso on level 3. The cheapest cat litter seems to be found at Sheng Siong supermart though.

What cat litter are you using, by the way? I'm trying out this coarse litter as the fine one causes too much tracking. Have kind of given up on pine pellets which doesn't control the smell well (a bane of the SO).

cat_aunty said...

Dear auntie P, when they asked about the children, just show them photos of The Irrestible Duo.

I have been using Cats Pride and Tidy Cats for years. Works well for me.

auntie p said...

Cat aunty, if I show them the cat photos, the relatives would think that I have gone bonkers!!

auntie p said...

By the way, cat aunty: are both Cats' Pride and Tidy Cats of the fine clumping type of litter sand?

The fine clumping type is easy to get - the Jewelry 10 litre pack costs only $7, but results in lots of tracking. Am trying out a coarse type but the cats aren't quite taking to it yet...will see.