Monday, February 05, 2007

Coco & Snowy update

It's been 3 weeks since Coco and Snowy came to live with us. They are getting more comfortable with us and vice versa, so that we aren't so disturbed by their night time antics anymore.

Both cats are kept in the cat room when we're out at work, and when one of us get home, they are let out to roam about as they please. Recently, both cats has started to make themselves comfy on the sofa and joined us in front of the tv.

Although a bit shy initially, Snowy is the sweet and guai (docile) one who responds most readily to me. She would come to me when I call her, and would jump onto the sofa or sideboard when I pat these furniture. She is a manja cat and would roll around to get her tummy rubs several times a day.

With her gentle demeanor and long body and long tail, she always look so graceful when she jumps around the house. Uncle S and I are wondering if there's a bit of Oriental blood in her.

Oriental breed description: From the tip of its nose to the end of its long, whippy tail, the Oriental is a study in sleek design. This elegant cat gracefully glides across the room on its tall, slender legs. The lines of its angular head flow into its large flaring ears, and are complimented by its almond shaped eyes. Don’t be fooled by the svelte, tubular body; these cats have surprising weight and muscle tone and are neither frail nor fragile.

Coco on the other hand, looks more like the ordinary longkang cat, except that she has a cute, roundish face which just grows on us. The more we look at her, the more amused we are of her cute facial expressions and cat antics "that have more patterns than badminton"!

For one thing, she loves to sleep with us, and has taken to snuggling in our bed almost every, single night. She is quite vocal and would respond with either an acknowledgement meow or a questioning meow whenever she sees us. Coco would come and rub my leg or a part of my body every so often, yet she doesn't like us to touch her too much or for too long, unless she's in a manja mood or lying in the cat bed. *puzzled*

Besides our bed, she likes to lie down on any item or garment that's left on the bed. So far, she's slept on our pillows, blankets, towels and items of clothing that were left unattended on the bed. Most of all, she likes to rest her head on our legs and ankles when we're sleeping at night.

Both sisters are playmates and loving to each other, and would sometimes groom each other before going to sleep.


cat_aunty said...

They look healthy, happy and loved.

Thank you for taking care of them.

KXBC said...

A_P, where did you buy that cat bed Coco is sleeping in? I am looking out for one, preferably in a lighter shade of brown, as well.

auntie p said...

Cat aunty, thank you. I hope the cats are happy too.

kxbc: The cat bed is from Aquapet Thomson...the fabric is in the typical Burberry print. They may not keep lots of stocks at the shop though. Another place that I would like to go for pet accessories is Aquapet Bkt Timah Plaza at basement 1 (no connection to Thomson Aquapet though) - the shop is bigger and nicer to browse around.