Friday, February 09, 2007

Bed getting crowded

I slept in today due to a bout of tummy problem. I took a mid-morning nap and the gal cats joined me in bed. When I woke up, the gals were still sleeping soundly.

Too bad the camera batteries died before I could take more of their lovey-dovey poses.

Both cats have been joining us in our master bed every night. Snowy likes to sleep on my side of the bed or near my legs, which leaves me no room to turn about. *grumble*

Maybe we need a bigger that's bigger than the king size that we already have...hahaha! But I don't think it will ever fit our HDB bedroom.


cat_aunty said...

Aiyoh these two.....any news of Sugar lately?

auntie p said...

Thank you, Cat aunty, Sugar is well, in fact, he is doing too well! Although I haven't been feeding him regularly (other than the occasional snack), he is getting fatter, probably put on at least another kilo.

Too bad I can't take him up to our home now.