Thursday, February 22, 2007

Post-CNY holidays

It's sad, but there won't be another long weekend nor public holiday...until April. *sob sob*
Yesterday was the first day of work after the CNY break and I had to work late, all because of a late meeting. My insensitive boss had wanted to hold this meeting last Friday (on the eve of CNY's eve?! *Horrors*), but I told him there was *ahem* no room available. I mean, with CNY just around the corner and loads of preparation to do, who got mood to stay back for a late meeting? And he wanted to make a hundred employees stay back after knock-off time. *shakes head*

Anyway, the cat sisters are doing fine at home. Coco continues to sleep anywhere and everywhere that are theoretically the humans' territory. Snowy likes to follow me everywhere, even to the bathroom when I'm busy on the toilet. When I take a nap, she will join me in bed, and when I cook in the kitchen, she will also be in the kitchen, unless I ask her to go somewhere else.

Snowy's favourite activity is playing with the feather toy and she keeps looking around in the air for the toy. She seemed restless this morning and pawed my legs in the same way she would catch the feather toy. I think she missed her toy, since I came back late last night and didn't play with her. Coco is not very keen on the feather toy, but at times, she will run round the home together with Snowy and me during our play, just for the fun of it. Coco continues to amuse us with her new antics everyday while Snowy remains her own gentle and princessy self.

Both cats have put on weight, but Snowy has really grown, so much so that she now looks like a mature cat! Coco was a little underweight when she first came, so now she's still slim even with the weight gain. Snowy loves to nibble on the kibbles throughout the day that I'm concerned that she might get overweight if the free-choice feeding continues, but we'll see how it goes.

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