Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happenings in the community

I've been getting some mixed news about the community cats recently, but mostly not so pleasant.

#1 Neighbour S finds a new injured cat
A neighbour (who already has a cat) found this new stray/abandoned cat with a big gash on his body, could not bear not helping and took him to the vet. While worrying about not knowing what to do with the cat, she met me in the lift and somehow, vaguely remembered me as the one who cared for Sugar when he was sick. We talked and I told her about CWS' Adoption bulletin board.

#2 Kiddy aka Baby the community cat gets a big wound on his body and the interesting turn of events
This happened sometime over the CNY eve or weekend. Kiddy might have gotten into a fight and has yet another bloodied wound. I would have taken him home for recuperation if I didn't have foster cats at home right now.

Anyway, neighbour Ms A applied some antibiotic cream to the wound which Kiddy licked away.

Separately and without knowing each other, neighbour SL started applying antiseptic solution to keep Kiddy's wound clean and SMS-ed me to keep me informed.

A few days later, upon discovering Kiddy's injury, neighbour Ms J was horrified that she wants Kiddy to get immediate medical attention (by then the wound hasn't improved and looks a bit scary). Ms J asked me to call Ms A to do something, but I said I can't impose on Ms A further unless we take it upon ourselves to help Kiddy. After some thought, Ms J (who has no experience with cats and no equipment) agreed to take Kiddy to the vet. I will lend her the pet carrier and help get Kiddy into it.

With that arranged, I called Ms A to inform her so that she would not miss Kiddy during her feeding rounds. However, Ms A told me that she'd already made an appointment to take Kiddy to the vet, and suggested that perhaps Ms J can share in the medical and necessary boarding costs. So I made the suggestion to Ms J, who agreed, and then I called Ms A back to tell her the good news.

The interesting thing is that although all parties showed concern for the same community cat, Ms J and Ms A (and SL) do not know each other. I am the one connecting them. I think I should organise a cat-carers party for all to meet one day. Heh! ;-)

#3 Girlfriend called me about fostering another girlfriend's sister's stray cat
The sister has two dogs at home, so the stray cat needs to be fostered for a week until his/her sterilisation appointment. Unfortunately it's full house for me plus one on the waiting list, so I can't help there. I suggested that the cat be kept in the bathroom, perhaps or hopefully, someone else can help to foster the kitty.


Anonymous said...

Auntie P, was the injury on cat #1's body similar to Baby's? I am no medical expert but i was puzzled by baby's wound, which didn't look random to me.

Did the vet say what he thinks caused it?


Siyang said...

Ty auntie p for helping me in my survey :) Happy CNY!

auntie p said...

SL: No idea. I did not see cat #1 and I have not talk to Ms A yet.

Siyang: Erm...i haven't done the survey yet... don't thank me so early. Happy new year too! :)

auntie p said...

BTW SL, Ms A thinks the wound is probably due to cat fights...either with Sugar or Tiger.

Poor Sugar always become the first suspect. And why can't Baby just run away instead of being so keh kiang or stubborn? I mean, we don't see Gal Gal getting hurt - I think she has the good sense to avoid getting into fights.