Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Coco the roach buster

Sometime during the night yesterday, I was woken up from sleep by a loud bang. Seeing that Snowy immediately dashed off from the foot of my bed where she had been laying, I guess it must be Coco who caused all the commotion.

I went to the kitchen to discover that the chunky block of knife holder, knives and kitchen scissors had all been knocked off into the sink, and there was a bit of roach dropping on the kitchen top. When I caught up with Coco in the hall, she was already pawing at a cockroach that's running everywhere, trying to escape her clutch! I caught hold of the roach (with tissue) and threw it down the bin chute before it gets mauled by Coco to death... or worse, before Coco decides to eat it!

I wonder if Coco will really eat a cockroach. I'd seen her gulping down small flying insects before, but a roach? Hmm... if she did eat the roach, then there's no way I'm going to lie next to her or smell her breathe...yuks!

Meanwhile, Snowy is behaving more and more like a dog. More of that next time.


cat_aunty said...

Well done,Coco!! But next time, please catch your cockroach quietly ok?

Dear auntie P, re your concern about Coco's breath....well, imagine she cleans her butts then she sleeps next to u....same right? Kekeke

auntie p said...

Cat aunty: Ummm... I try not to think about the butt-cleaning part, but I think dirt from butt-cleaning aren't as gross as cockroaches leh. :-O

auntie p said...

By the way, I found a full-sized cockroach leg on the stove-top next to the sink yesterday. Coco must have been mauling the roach there, and I'm guessing she'd somehow carried the roach (in her mouth??) all the way to the far end of the hall to maul it some more. Aiyo!