Thursday, March 08, 2007

From a princess to a ...

Ahem... the word is yeow gwee (to quote ksn). Yes, Snowy has turned into a yeow gwee* .

Snowy's obsession with food was the reason that I've stopped free-choice feeding at home, thereby depriving Coco of her favourite way of consumption. As Coco is a small eater, I try to spread out their diet by feeding them several times a day:

Evening dinner, after work - usually Fussie Cat** wet food, about 20g each
Late-evening snack - about 10g of dry food each
Supper, before (my) bedtime - 10g of kibbles each
Morning breakfast, part 1 - in the early morning, if I happen to wake up at 3am or later - 10g of kibbles
Morning breakfast, part 2 - when I get up at 6.15am - 10g of kibbles
Morning snack (before I go to work) - 10g of kibbles

So they get to consume an average of 50g of dry food, and 20g of wet food (if not more), excluding cat treats. I think this is definitely sufficient for Snowy, yet she behaves as if I've starved her for 3 days and 3 nights!

Every movement that I make at home, if it remotely resembles moving towards the direction of the cat room, Snowy will make a sudden dash into the cat room and stop right in front of the food bowls to wait for more food! It's like 1 second ago she's in the hall, and the next ... *SWISH !!* ...she's in front of the food bowls, kind of like the way Jim Carrey moved from place to place in the movie Mask when he's in his green trance. This happens soon after each meal, and even if I'm not walking into the cat room.

I don't know how it happened, but that's how a princess turned into a yeow gwee. Very 丢人现眼 (embarrassing) . Tsk...tsk... like that sure 没人要.

* Yeow Gwee : Hokkien for hungry ghost - used to describe someone who is very greedy or desperate when it comes to food

** I discovered that Fussie Cat (from Japan) and Fussy Cat are 2 distinct brands of cat food; the former is irresistible even to fussy cats.


kuro.shiro.neko said...

is fussie cat really from Japan? be careful there, cos jap words on label no equal come from Japan.

most of the can food in jap words come from Thailand.

well, this one i dunno cos i very long never go petshop liao..

no life! no life!

KXBC said...

Ha ha! Snowy sounds like me. We both like our food a lot. I love my RC dry kibbles. Wait you also grow up chubby like me. Daddy likes me chubby chubby.

From chubby Yuan Yuan

auntie p said...

ksn: I read somewhere that Fussie Cat is a Japanese brand (?) but you're right, it is produced in Thailand. Ootherwise, how to afford it on a daily basis? I can't find the website on this one. The other Fussy Cat brand is available at some pet shops and got website also.

Yuan Yuan: So you also gobble up your kibbles and clean up others' leftovers?

I think you look absolutely cute being 圆圆的 with your 圆圆 body, 圆圆 eyes and 圆圆 butt and 圆圆 whatever else, but hor, Snowy is not born with your 圆圆 (ie round round) body type. She is born with the 长长 body and a small head. As it is, she reminds me of the petrol refuel tank already, and I don't think it suits her to resemble the container-trailer (if she gets heavier). RC, SG, or Avo, anything Snowy also gobble up!

KXBC said...

Then Snowy must be my brother 长长's sister, which means we are half sisters. Right? My brother 长长 is really 长长. Everywhere also 长长. But got small head. But he does not like to eat unless Daddy handfeeds him so he looks like a cross country bike rather than a fuel tank.

You see me 圆圆 you sure will love me. I am super 圆圆.

From chubby 圆圆

san said...

I didnt know fussiecat is from japan. I have not been able to get to the website. I have seen Fussy Cat kibble though but have not tried any for the amigos.

Sounds like a good plan aunty_p. I sometimes give the amigos 15g of kibble at night only when they have been very active or when it rains :)If not its 10g only. :)

They used to follow me everywhere too but now they know that following me will do them no good :)

san said...

btw, those food bowls are very pretty. Where did you get them?

auntie p said...

Yuan Yuan: my home pc seems to be jiak kantang type and cannot read Chinese text, but I think you must be referring to Chang Chang, as you only have one (itchy) brother, right? Snowy likes to be handfed and spoonfed (literary) too! Wow, they must be related in some way...haha!

You say you're super rounded but I sure can't tell from your 2nd birthday's photo...must be the camera angle hor?

San, Snowy follows me everywhere too hoping got food - I think she's a dog cat. I don't have such pretty bowls for the cats...nor for the humans. :P

I found the photo on this website: Puddlepetcare.

auntie p said...

Oops, "literary" should be spelled as "literally". ;)

My spelling is getting worse.

cat_aunty said...

Dear YuanYuan, PICTURE please!!!!!

auntie p said...

I went to check out the tiny words on the Fussie Cat can, and it says "Product of USA, made in Thailand".

Sorry for the wrong info earlier. :P