Friday, March 02, 2007

That same old question on feeding

Aiya...once again, I'm in dilemma over the question of free-choice feeding vs timed feedings again! Free-choice feeding is out at this point, as Snowy seems to have become the "gobbler" and "leftover cleaner" when it comes to food. Coco is a small eater, and whatever food left over in the bowl will be gobbled up by Snowy in no time. Maybe the cause of overeating is due to Solid Gold (?) which is what I'm feeding the community cats now, so I've got a big bag of it.

Went to look at this old thread again. Maybe I should change to Avoderm, as Cat had recommended. I haven't fed this brand to the cats yet because I vaguely remember it contains some meat by-product, but everyone seems to recommend it?

If there's a brand that will prevent greedy cats from gobbling up their kibbles immediately, I would like to try it, so that I can still have free-choice feeding, and yet make sure both cats are eating enough, instead of having Snowy eating up Coco's share of dry food as well as her own share.

Any recommendations?

One of my favourite cats - an old photo of MIL's calico cat who is now plumper and fluffier, but not overweight


kuro.shiro.neko said...

hehe.. i dont think it's the food lah. a yeow gwee cat is a yeow gwee cat, cannot change one...


cat_aunty said...

I agree with is the cat's personality, and how he/she makes association with food.

Like Max, each time he sees me, he goes to the biscuits because he knows I would hand feed him. So for him, food=interaction

san said...

Maybe she is just a big eater or she just gets hungrier :) Bujang eats more than Toro and Akira barely eats on free feeding in the am and pm - only 40 g of food for 3 cats. Megat gobbles up his food and then eats up everyone elses. But I attribute this to him being an outdoor cat once so he feels he just has to eat everything - everyone else's food but not his :)

auntie p said...

When they first came, Snowy didn't eat non-stop like that. When I came home from work, I could still see leftover kibbles in their bowls sometimes.

San is probably right that Snowy needs to eat more since she looks like she has a bigger frame. Or maybe she's just greedy, like ksn said!

Re Megat's behaviour, I was told that it will stop after some time, but it didn't happen with my ex-foster Billy (which had been a stray).