Friday, March 02, 2007

My blanket is a cat magnet

It's been raining these past couple of days and the weather was cool and lovely for sleeping, so I've been covering myself up with the blanket when sleeping, but then I discovered the blanket is a cat magnet! The cat sisters just love to snuggle with me on the blanket. Alamak! How to sleep like that?

Everytime they see the blanket, they will grab the chance to snuggle on my legs, next to me, or on me lah! At one point, they were both sleeping on the blanket and within the arc of my thighs, with their bodies (one dark and one white) machiam forming the Yin-Yang symbol, and Coco even had one back paw resting on Snowy's face. It was all so cute, but too bad my camera didn't have working batteries.

Meanwhile, my sleep gets disrupted by these 2 to sleep soundly like that?!? :-(

1 comment:

cat_aunty said...

Understandable lah....comfy blankie, cats love them!!!

Either u give up the blankie, or get another one for them?