Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cat grass matures

I managed to resize the photos of the ASAP cat grass on Photobucket.

My neighbour said (about the grass) : "I like them, they grow so straight."

(4th day after sprouting)

Ready-to-eat cat grass (7th day after sprouting, ie today)

Who wants to fry them with oyster sauce? :)

Salad for your cats


san said...

WOW! they look really juicy. when I plant cat grass, they are always so stringy and weak-looking. I wonder why that is.
That was when I decided either grass in the park or wheat grass for Bujang.

cat_aunty said...

auntie P got green thumbs

EJ. said...

That's fast growing.
Send in the grass mower.
Coco or Snowy?

auntie p said...

This brand of cat grass is really easy to grow, no need green thumb one. Just spray with water twice a day to make sure the soil doesn't dry out.

The cats are eating it, although not quite like a lawn mower - I would like to give away some, actually, but don't know who to give to? May have to play fewer grass seeds next time.