Friday, April 13, 2007

Everything's going up

...except my salary, that is. GST, the elite, superscale gabramen's pay, and now even Avoderm cat food prices have gone up tremendously, according to the pet shop auntie.

I can't remember the exact price, but it sounded like the price of Avoderm dry cat food has gone up by about one-third. that how they cover cost for their buy-10-get-1 pack free promotion? And I haven't even receive my membership card which I'm supposed to get?!?

Anyway, there are other cat food choices in the need to die-die must feed one type, and the cats still enjoy RC and SG, both of which are made of good protein sources without the "xxx meal", or meat by-products.


EJ. said...

Wah, cat's food prices going up too.

cat_aunty said...

I don't know, maybe is the exchange rate....