Thursday, April 12, 2007

Are they still growing?

Despite controlling their quantity of food intake about a month ago, the cat sisters continue to put on weight, which makes me wonder are they still growing, and will they continue to grow and put on more weight?

Both cats are about a year old now, and for the record, these were their weight (when they first arrived and now):
Coco - was a skinny 2.9 kg, now 3.4 - 3.5 kg
Snowy - was 3.3 kg, now 4.0 kg

(Snowy was 3.9 kg in March, after putting on weight at an alarming rate of 100 g per week after she was spayed!?!).

Coco looks like she's at a nice, healthy weight now, neither thin nor fat. Snowy is not fat, but just look so bak bak and muscular, and she's getting quite bulky to carry.

Think I can maintain the current food intake, which is roughly 45-50 g of dry food, plus 20-25 g of wet food daily, spread over 4 feedings:
Evening, after work - dry food, followed by wet food separately
Supper - dry food
Early morning (between 2-4am, if I wake up) - dry food
Breakfast - dry food

Coco is still a small eater and I noticed she eats a lot more in the evenings, and will ask for more food (instead of taking her usual post-dinner nap) until she is satisfied. Snowy, as usual, will ask for food at ALL times of the day, and will even try to ask for human food when we're eating. Snowy does eat bits of bread, and Coco eats bits of salad, but we rarely pander to Snowy's begging. We also noticed their coat of fur has improved, becoming plusher and very smooth, which also mean more cat hair around house for us to clear!

Incidentally, I gave a piece of the Pet Hair Removing Sponge to my colleague who was "adopted" by 6 cats. He was so pleased with the sponge that he kept raving "It's amazing, amazing! So much hidden cat hair in the sofa!".

From a princess to a ...


kuro.shiro.neko said...

wah! so many meals...

ksn household only gets 2 meals a day - breakfast and dinner.

no need to feed so often lah, auntie p...

cat_aunty said...

Well....they are still young, I am sure they will grow somemore!!

Yes, the coat will improves after better nutrition. It happens to Max Mera and Hat

auntie p said...

ksn: I would love to just feed them 2 meals a day (saves me all the work!), but I haven't got a choice leh, as Coco only eats about 10g of kibbles at each sitting. If I feed twice a day, she will be getting only 20g a day...sure become undernourished.

And I can no longer leave kibbles lying about for Coco to graze bec Snowy the yeow gwee will gobble everything up in a minute!

So how?

ps: I wonder if the cat-sitter (which I shall have to engage when I go for vacation) will charge me extra if I asked he/she to feed the cats several meals a day...keke! :P

EJ. said...

If I am their sitter, I would spoil both of them. How to resists their cute looks and meows?!
Snowy definitely makes an excellent contestant for cat's kibbles eating contest.

auntie p said...

Cat aunty: come to think of it, I wish they would stay they way they are and not grow too much. Then they will always look young-ish and cute. :)

EJ: Yes, they are indeed cute. Don't you wish you have a pet cat at home? Like, can you make your balcony out-of-bounds for the cat or put up barriers or something?

EJ. said...

Yes, I do. Very strange here, almost all condos' balcony here are not installed with iron grilles at all(not like Sg).I am not sure if it is not the 'culture' here to do so but almost certain that strata councils disallow it. They want coformity so that all balcony looks similar from outside,no awnings or barriers allow. No one is allowed to put shelfs except summer tables,chairs,BBQ or hang any laundry at the balcony etc.
There are more restrictions for condo's living but security is the main reason we chosen it.