Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New cat treat

The cat sisters finished eating the Catty Man bream slices in no time and I had to replenish new stock of cat treats. The ever popular Catty Man was out of stock at the pet shop, so I got this Friend Land brand instead.

I think it's made of dried cod fish.

It comes in a much bigger 100g pack and can be fed to both cats and dogs. The strips are rather thick, so I had to cut them into smaller pieces, as I don't want the cats to chew them and leave bits of crumbs all over the place.

The nutritional information: protein 65% or less, fat 2.5% or less, etc.

It's less salty than Catty Man (which I find too salty for pets). How do I know? I ate a piece of it. :-)

As usual, the cats love it!


cat_aunty said...

Wow, lucky cats!!

EJ said...

Aunti_P, you and hubby are so lucky to have found Coco and Snowy.
And so does Coco and Snowy.

auntie p said...

Dear ej? You reckon we're lucky to have found them? They're up for adoption. :)

I agree they are lucky to be found by us. I mean, among so many abandoned cats that have to live outside as strays, these two happened to be rescued and brought home by us. Sigh...I hope they appreciate it.

BTW, you are in Canada eh, ej?

EJ said...

Ya eh, Singaporean in west coast of Canada.
They are for adoption? They sure looks so comfortable as if they are staying forever. And with the treats etc....

auntie p said...

EJ, are you studying or working in Canada?

Will drop by at your new blog. :)

ej said...

Auntie P, moi neither studying nor working here. Married my Canadian Chinese hubby and got exported here 10 years ago,lol.
My new blogspot is just an empty vessel and most likely will remain as it is.
Coco and Snowy looks so pretty.