Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Max the swimming cat revisited

About a year ago on 3 March 2006, I posted about whether cats are natural swimmers and about Max the swimming cat, i.e. the "son" of Tom and Polly Rodman.

Well, guess what? Tom Rodman, Max's owner, somehow got to know that I had hotlinked Max's photos to my blog (I wonder how?), and posted a reply yesterday! Here's what he said about Max:

Gosh, it's taken a LONG time to figure-out Blogger to the point where we could reply to this, but as the "Tom" of "Tom & Polly Rodman," Max is "for real."

We fell in-love with him at a local animal shelter (near Encintas, CA) when he was about six weeks old.

It took us about a week to get the nerve to let him outdoors.

The minute we did, he dashed to the pool, dipped his front paws, and tried climbing-on the body board we'd left floating there.

Since then, I don't want to mislead, and suggest, "He loves the water," but he's not afraid of it, at all.

He'll only get-in if we're in, but then, he doesn't hesitate to float on his body board, "doggy paddle" to us, or to the side of the pool.

Max is very comfortable in the water.

His Vet suspects that part of Max's lineage may include a Scandinavian "fishing cat" that has a thick undercoat (like Max)...

Theory and genetics aside, he's a joy to be around, and to the naysayers... Show Max your Pool... We'll bring his body board and our camera.

And yes... We're very careful about the min. and max. water temps our vet specified.

Enjoy your cat as much as we enjoy Max!!!!

3/4/07 5:02 PM



cat_aunty said...

Oh. How did they find you? Amazing.

auntie p said...

I suspect some photo-hosting sites collect the info about other websites that hotlinked their photos, and that's probably how Tom found out about my blog.

Anonymous said...

My old roommate had a cat named Max that was black just like that and he used to jump in the shower with me every time. He'd hear the water and want to come into the shower and get wet. Never seen anything like it.

Anonymous said...

This is Polly (of Tom and Polly), and we thought you'd enjoy some more pictures of Max (and our other cats)!


Polly Rodman said...

Sorry to say we had to move the pics again (promise this is the last time ).

All the pics of Max are at and will stay there forever!