Saturday, May 26, 2007

Chomping frenzy

This morning, I decided that it was time to release the cat grass to the "addicts", even though the grass didn't grow as tall or as fast as the earlier batch. I suspect it was due to the smaller container which is a bit cramped for the roots to grow freely.

Even though the grass is shorter, the cat grass addicts didn't mind one bit, and charged at the grass with all their pent-up hunger!

By the way, they have already had their full breakfast.

Chomp, chomp...crunch, crunch!!

Within 2 to 3 minutes, half the grass disappeared! If I hadn't stopped the cat sisters, I think they would have walloped the whole pot!

Then, I went out to the corridor and pruned the catnip plant. Yes, the catnip plant is still surviving, even though it had suffered a bout of mealy bugs infestation at one point. I plucked out the dried and withered brown leaves and held them in my hand.

Thinking there was more grass to eat, the cat sisters came to sniff my hand, and became quite excited.

I'm not sure what caused the sudden interest in catnip, but both cats tried to steal bits of the withered catnip leaves from my hand, and managed to eat bits of them.

Gimme more, gimme more!

Then, the unexpected happened. Coco started rubbing her head and neck very affectionately against my hand, which she almost never do. Usually, she would rub her body against our ankles, and that is only when she wants a snack or a cat treat, but this time, her behaviour was different.

After a while, Coco flopped her body down, then got up to sniff more of the catnip leaves, and flopped down again. Meanwhile, Snowy kept on trying to steal more catnip leaves.

Coco looking a bit "high" and blurry

Now, as I'm typing on the computer keyboard in the study room, both cats are sleeping peacefully right beside me on the table, with both their bodies curled up in the same direction. All is well. :)


cat_aunty said...

Hahaha how cute!!

EJ. said...

Snowy has turn into a grass addict!

Both are highly drugged! especially Coco!The way she lied down with her eyes wide open.

kuro.shiro.neko said...

wah... coco looked VERY high... and spaced out!