Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Spud the cat

This is Spud, the cat that I'm cat-sitting for my neighbours for a few days while they go on vacation. Last year, Spud was found as a kitten with a bad gash on his body, and my kind neighbour took him to the vet. The little girls at home loved him, so he became their pet.

Spud was a white kitten, but along the way, light ginger stripes started appearing on his face and body. Hence, his family felt kind of "cheated"! ;)

I've been warned that he could be naughty, but my encounters with him so far has been sweet, and he was nothing but affectionate. Maybe he misses his family. This blue-eyed boy is a head-butt champion, and loves to splash water from the tap!


EJ. said...

Pretty boy Spud.
Glad that he had found a sweet home.

KXBC said...

The vet clipped a little too much of his left ear.

auntie p said...

kxbc: it's fixed! :P