Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday blues

As if there aren't enough blues on a Monday, someone at the office decides to hold early morning meetings on Monday at 9am...every week! Yeah, like I am sooo looking forward to braving the Monday MRT squash and hope to make it to the office in time for the meeting. The worse thing is that a couple of my colleagues and I always felt that our presence at the meeting is redundant...a waste of our time. *sad*

Anyway, after about an hour at the meeting, my mind drifted and I started pressing some buttons on my calculator. Lo and behold, I figured that I could possibly save $16 a month if I feed the cat sisters more wet food! This is now made possible with the newly launched Fussie Cat 400g canned food. It used to come in 80g cans only. It sounds a bit incredulous, but it's possible if I switch to buying the big cans. The difference in prices of the Fussie Cat small and big cans is so tiny, like thus (average prices before promotion):
80g = $1.10
400g = $1.35

I figured the $16 monthly savings can come about if I change the cats' daily feeding formula, like this:
Current food mix = 50+/- grams dry food, 20g wet food (agar agar)
New proposal = 40+/- grams dry food, 40g wet food (or slightly more)

I think the cats would love it, since they do clamour for more Fussie Cat than the 20g which they're getting daily. Some pet owners also advocate feeding more wet food which contains more moisture and is more natural than eating dry kibbles.

In other news, Coco & Snowy's adoption profile are going to be pushed out of the CWS' Adoption page soon. With so many cute kittens being put up for adoption, it's really a case of 行情坏!


Mary said...

Hi aunty P, do give them kibbles to munch too even though they may not like it much. It can help with tartar problems.

auntie p said...

Thanks Mary. They will still get their kibbles. I actually let Coco have unlimited kibbles bec she eats too little. Snowy - I have to control a bit as she's greedy.

EJ. said...

Snowy = Kibbles Queen!

CatDonna & Cats said...

Wow. I never knew. Always assumed kibble was cheaper, and never bothered to do the math.

I feed the monsters Avoderm. Will go and do my own calculations.

Mary said...

Hi Aunty P, was at Pet Lovers in Vivocity yesterday and they are having promotion for Fussie Cat, 400gram where you get 1 can free for every 8 cans purchased. I don't really support Pet Lovers for they sell animals but no choice, my pet food supplier just ceased their operation.

auntie p said...

Thanks, Mary.

Yep, other outlets of Pet Lovers are having the promotion too. I'm hoping that Aquapet Thomson will start carrying the 400g cans, as their prices are cheaper. Even with the members' discount, PL's prices are still higher.

Mary said...

Really Auntie P! Aquapet Thomson-do they provide delivery service and how far is it from AMK?

auntie p said...

Hi Mary, sorry for the late reply as I've just saw your latest comment.

Aquapet Thomson provides delivery for purchases above $50. They deliver on weekdays and Saturdays (not sure about Sun) until around 5pm. They are located at Thomson Plaza, so it's quite near to AMK - can take 166 & 132 from AMK Central. The shop is quite small and cramped and may not carry the full range, but I've always ask them to order the large packs of dry cat food for me.

Mary said...

Hi Aunty P, thanks. i will give them a visit next week.