Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday morning

This morning, after their breakfast, Coco kept rubbing my leg and whined, and whined. Now, I know this was not her usual "crying + leg rubbing + roll on the floor and on my foot" behaviour - which means she wants to eat. This time, it was more like a "I'm-so-very-pitiful kind of whine + leg rubbing" which was something new to me, but being the well-trained cat slave (especially from the deck chair episode), I guessed it means Her Royal Highness wants to have her "opium"!

Due to their "addiction", I had chosen not to leave the cat grass inside the flat while we sleep or when we're at work, as the cats may eat too much or too fast, and end up vomiting bits of the grass around the flat. So I went out to take in the cat grass from the corridor. As I stood outside the gate (before entering), both cats were meowing excitedly, while Coco behaved like a drug addict suffering from withdrawal symptoms, scrambling up and down the gate to try to get a bite of the grass!

Cat sisters having their post-breakfast "opium" fix

So in just a week, the cat grass went from this... this.

Satisfied cats relaxing after having had their fix

No more crying and whining liao, except for Snowy who is now crying for more food, but I'll just ignore her...haha!


cat_aunty said...

I am glad they like the grass so much! Very healthy!

But then hor, the person who adopts them, must plant cat grass also lah

=^..^= said...

The grass is really that addictive, huh? The cats sure looked satisfied. :)

~5-Cat Style

EJ. said...

See how contented they are!
Must have warning on the packet's label: 'Can be addictive'