Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What are you cat-sitting arrangement?

When you have to go away on trips, both long and short, who takes care of your cats?
Do you have the sitter come to your home? Or do you board your cats with the sitter?

I am just wondering about the options available. Any recommendation?

As Coco the small eater needs to be fed about 4 times a day (can't leave food out all day for Coco or Snowy will eat Coco's share in a jiffy), I wonder if boarding the cat sisters with the sitter would be a better option.

(Pic: Stuffed animals by Natasha Fadeeva)


EJ. said...

Coco&Snowy: Foster mommy, bring us along for the vacation. Then no need to find the best cat-sitting arrangement.

cat_aunty said...

Well....the cats may feel more relaxed in their own home enviroment. This maybe a good time to make Snowy eat less?

auntie p said...

EJ: Then it wouldn't be a vacation, would it?

Cat aunty: You mean make Snowy eat less by having fewer feedings? Then I think we will come back to see a thinner Coco.

Snowy has no problem eating - I can give her her daily allowance of food and I'm sure she can wallop it all in 1 or 1.5 sitting. So far, I haven't been harsh enough to make her go on a diet, but just maintaining her weight (although a bit difficult).

cat_aunty said...

Well, if it is like one week, they should be able to survive??