Saturday, May 19, 2007

Cat repellant

Available from Daiso, the cat repellant is useful and can be placed flat on any surface where we don't want the cats to lie on.

It's made of plastic so the spikes won't hurt if a cat or anyone sat on it by accident.


To be placed on this spot of the sofa where the humans like to lie down on (without attracting too much cat hair).

Meanwhile, I've tested the 400g cans of Fussie Cat on the cat sisters. The wet food is slightly different from the 80g cans, which I think is of better quality. So far, Coco (the more fussy one) hasn't rejected the 2nd and 3rd day leftovers from the fridge, but then she's always quite receptive to tuna. Snowy will eat any food that's still good, and I've got to cut down on her dry food as she's starting to put on more weight since I fed her more wet food.


EJ. said...

Coco & Snowy: Bye Bye comfy sofa.

cat_aunty said...

Adoy.....looks painful....Coco and Snowy, I teach you. You both can push the spiky mat off the sofa with your snouts!!

auntie p said...

Eh, please lah, it's just ONE square of cat repellant on one section of the 3-seater sofa leh. That's all the space that I'm reclaiming as off limits.

The cats still have plenty of room on that sofa plus the 2-seater (covered with Indian table cloth) to lie on, not to mention our master bed, the spare bed, etc. all of which have been invaded by the cat sisters. And I haven't even mention the toilet (including when I'm on the throne) and the showers...every where and everything they also want to take part! :PP