Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Harrassment again

We have to pass by this particular block on the way to the MRT station in the morning, and there would usually be a black community cat that hangs around there, and at times, another ginger would be there as well. While we are not the cats' feeders, we would give the cat a pat and a few kibbles so that they would not follow us. We normally do this by the pavement or at the perimeter of the block. Because of that, I was previously harrassed by this Indian old woman cleaner, who chided us for feeding the cat and using HDB's name to threaten us. She asked me not to feed the cat and claimed that feeding cats caused the birds to defecate in the void deck staircase.

Seeing that she's an elderly person, I respectfully tried to explain to her that feeding cats is not an offence as long as there's no littering, and that I only give the cat a few kibbles which the cat will lap up without a trace. I mean, what has birds shitting in the void deck staircase got to do with it when I don't even walk there? No doubt she would like to make her job easier, but should she be blaming everything on the homeless cats? Would she be happier if the cats starved instead?

Anyhow, this morning, seeing that I was about to pat the cat (haven't even take out any kibbles), she harrassed me again and used HDB's name to threaten me. Since I wasn't really in the mood to reason with her unreasonable mind, or to listen to her lists of complaints about cats, I told her to shut up. If she has a bone to pick with folks who are dirtying the void deck, then she should be talking to those people, instead of harrassing innocent folks like us, just because she doesn't have a shred of compassion for cats.


EJ. said...

Looks likeyou are targetted for harrassment, Aunt P.
Shut her up is good.

cat_aunty said...

Silly woman of small mind...ignore her bah, she is not worth your brain cells