Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm too sexy...

See her pose and that lip-licking...right under the spotlight too! Tsk...tsk!

But her hind legs remind me of chicken drumsticks!



EJ. said...

Wah, sexy pose!
Snowy can be a calender pin-up girl! The reason why she is so shapely - could it be that she has less fur?
Hands off those drum-sticks, Aunty P!

Mary said...

Yes indeed you are Snowy. You are not only sessy but pretty.

cat_aunty said...

Snowy, you are a flirt! This blog should have a M18 rating!!

auntie p said...

Oh dear, the sweet, innocent Snowy is now regarded as a flirty calendar pin-up material! Hahaha!

EJ: It's not that snowy has less fur, but her coat is not as fluffy. Her fur is straight and sticks close to her body, whereas Coco has lots of fine, soft and fluffy hair, esp on her tummy area.