Thursday, June 28, 2007

Things about Snowy

Here are the things I've discovered about Snowy:

* Eats bits of plain bread, pancake and cheese, but not rice or mango
* Eats all cat food and leftovers from Coco (hence nicknamed "Sarpoo")
* Generally loves to eat
* Poos in an upright / sort-of standing position
* Covers her poo properly half the time (miss target half the time)
* Loves to be patted on her rump and body, as if getting a massage
* Thinks she's being sayang-ed when I wipe her backside (after pooing)! And she'll roll over and purr
* Loves to snuggle with me in bed, especially in between my legs (if she gets the chance)
* Occasionally lick plastic trash bin & plastic bag, chew rugs(not allowed)

* Easy to bathe and clip nails for - just put her on my lap and clip, clip!
* Docile & gentle although a bit clumsy at times
* Follows me around like a dog, and even guard outside the toilet
* Generally a quiet cat, unless she wants attention or food
* Courteous, will allow Coco to eat first if there's only one bowl of food
* Never scratch or bite anyone (so far)
* Can be carried in one's arms / lap
* Have round eyes and is beautiful

Will add on when I think of more.


EJ. said...

Interesting 'secret' of Snowy, Aunty P.
wow, she really loves to follow you around.

VeganCatsg said...

What a lovely companion==>Somebody's loss really :)

Prisclla said...

haha...snowy's in the exact pose as coco's on the RHS of the webpage! Kawaiii!

cat_aunty said...

Wow Snowy you sound PERFECT! Which I am sure you are, except when you go other people's house huh.....kekeke

san said...

This is a very lovely pic of beautiful Snowy. She looks really comfortable where she is.

auntie p said...

Snowy: Thank you all for the compliments. Teehee! :)

Auntie p: Cat aunty, sigh! >_<"

KXBC said...

Auntie P, you very pian xin leh. Always blogging about Snowy but not Coco. Why why why!!!! Hehehe

auntie p said...

kxbc: I got pian xin meh? I know you have a soft spot for that why you're feeling jealous for Coco? Heheh!

Anyway, I will write about Coco's characteristics when more inspiration hits me. :p