Monday, June 25, 2007


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I haven't been blogging, as the past week had been crazy for me. Even then, I guess I won't have much to blog about, since the cat sisters have settled into a very predictable routine, although every now and then, something out of the ordinary will happen, like Coco chattering in the middle of the night at the odd cockroach or lizard, or Snowy trying to increase her fibre intake by chewing the rug.

Coco still get very crazy whenever she sees cat grass, and will wail non-stop until I give her some. She can't possibly expect me to plant fresh crops of grass all the time, can she? Everything, if done too much or too often, becomes tiring.

Yesterday, the cats had their shower. It's been a long time since they last had one. Snowy was given a shower when she stayed briefly with the ex-trial adopters, but then she came back not smelling the same, nor feeling the same. I think those folks did not use a conditioner, hence Snowy's coat didn't feel as smooth. I used a flea & tick shampoo with a built-in conditioner. It smells great too!

The good thing is Snowy's weight has dropped to 3.9kg, from her all time high of 4.2kg. I intend to maintain her diet for a while, and hope that she gains a more slender and graceful shape. Despite the lower food consumption, she sometimes still have this habit of pooing twice a day, even if it was just a small dollop of poo at a time. *Roll eyes!*

In other news, can you imagine if you were me, and one day you received an email from your colleague who tells you that: I read auntie p's blog...auntie p is my colleague! Hahaha!

What a discovery! It was a shock to discover that my colleague actually reads my cat blog, not to mentioned she's found out about my other secret life (of blogging about foster cats)!

Anyway, this colleague of mine has 3 lovely adopted/rescued cats of her own, 2 of which were featured in yesterday's Sunday Times.


cat_aunty said...

Wah Auntie P, hang in there!

EJ. said...

Auntie P's slimming Snowy for a beauty contest? Coco's still so excited about cat grass.

MightyMouse said...
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jennifer_yq said...

The two silver tabby belong to ur collegue? it looked so much like our house, KK....