Sunday, July 01, 2007

Perfect cat.................not!

We came home from dinner at the nearby foodcourt, only to find the plastic food cover, the enamel plate and the box of leftover chicken sandwich flipped all over the floor next to the kitchen table. This is the second time something like this had happened, and we always suspect it's Snowy, the yeow gwee. She's the one who's always obsessed with food and always hang around us whenever we're eating to sniff the smell, and it's like her to push things over in a clumsy way.

If we'd used a porcelain plate, it would have broken into pieces and caused a bigger mess. I carried Snowy to the crime scene to give her a scolding and showed her the cane. For all I know, it could all be in vain, as she's not the smart one among the cat sisters.

Eh, sorry ah dear readers, for smashing your image of Snowy as the perfect cat! I think the perfect cat is a myth. Hmm....or maybe, just maybe, Sanju could be the perfect cat? Too bad I didn't get a chance to foster him long enough to find out.


EJ. said...

Snowy lives to eat!

VeganCatsg said...

"Perfect" in being "imperfect" :)

cat_aunty said...

Well, I can accept that. She is just greedy.

auntie p said...

That is why we can no longer have free-choice feeding at home.