Sunday, July 01, 2007

GST increase!

Today is the first day of the GST increase (from 5% to 7%) and of all days, I had to choose this day to spend over $400 at a department store at one shot. >_<" Good make-up brushes are exobitantly expensive...let's hope they can really last me for ten years. I feel a bit guilty because it's not as though I wear lots of make up as I'm not quite willing to wake up earlier everyday just to put on war paint. As it is, I'm already waking up half-an-hour earlier to feed the cats and clean the litter box.

Speaking of cat litter, my neighbour S (Spud's owner) went to JB yesterday and bought an additional bag of Ketty Love cat litter to give to us (plus her home-baked chocolate cake). From cat-sitting Spud, I found this KL cat litter to be very fine and forms a very firm clump when wet, so the clump is easy to remove and that helps to keep the litter box clean. It does have a faint "detergent" smell though. S said this brand used to be called Happy Cat, which incidently is available at Aquapet Thomson. I didn't order HP coz I ordered the FussieCat litter which comes in a more economical 10 litre pack.

Last night, while feeding Timmy, I finally met Ms A again, after a long stretch of silence. She'd thought I had moved away! :p I haven't met her, simply because whenever I have foster cats at home (especially 2 cats), I tend to pay less attention to the (poor) community cats, hence less chance of bumping into her. I really need to rehome at least one foster cat so that I can reserve more energy for the community cats.


bizzchat said...

Hi Auntie P
Good make-up brushes are a bit expensive, but they are they are the only ones worth bying. I am a prof. make-up artist and so was my mother I stil use the ones she got in England over 50 yers ago - so you have done the right thing.

EJ. said...

So fast already july.

auntie p said...

Bizzchat: Waaa...50 years' ago! That's really good value for money! And you must have taken very good care of the brushes for them to last so long.

EJ: Yalor. So very fast...tsk, tsk.

auntie p said...

BTW bizzchat, thanks for making me feel less guilty...hehee. But those brushes are great...just great to use make-up with! The feel and the way they smooth out the make-up really made a difference...which kind of makes applying make-up slightly more fun. ;)