Sunday, July 15, 2007

Wash day caper

It was sofa upholstery wash day today, and we didn't want the cats to get onto the sofa frame and getting it all hairy, but as one can see, wash day or not, the cats have other ideas.

Coco couldn't care less about the plastic cat repellent.

Snowy wouldn't go to sleep unless she gets to lie down on her favourite corner of the sofa, and it has to the be 3-seater sofa, the other 2-seater won't do!

After I laid the cushion pad and allowed her to rest on it, she finally started to doze off.

And Coco decides to sleep on the sofa frame as well.

The miserable thing was that after washing and drying, one of the sofa covers turn "dirty-looking". I wonder could it be the detergent used? Maybe it's time to stop buying the detergent powder imported from a close neighbouring country. I shall have to wash the cover again next weekend. :-\


EJ. said...

Queen Coco and Queen Snowy sure know how to stay comfy on their sofa throne.

auntie p said...

It just dawned on me why that spot on the sofa had to be Snowy's favourite spot...coz it's the closest space to the kitchen. Just a hop and a couple of steps would take her to her feeding spot!


Other than her penchant for food, Snowy is so docile that I sometimes think I'm carrying a rabbit in my arms...she is that nice.

animalfamily said...

nice acupuncture bed...

by the way, you have been tagged! Join the Save the Bears, Save the World Meme started by FiveCats and came through Tipped Ear Clan. Stop bear bile farming today.

My tag: Save the Bears, Save the World

cat_aunty said...

aiyaya so manja lah these two....
Snowy looks very smug, like she got you figured out