Sunday, July 08, 2007

On a lazy Sunday

I haven't had a chance to spend the whole day with the foster cats for the past couple of weekends, and I kind of missed it. Perhaps the cat sisters missed spending the whole day with me too, and kept following me from room to room, even if snoozing their time away is all that they do.

They got to eat lots of cat treats today, both the cod fish treats and the ikan bilis treats. Our cycling friend dropped by at our place after doing the morning cycle with uncle S, and we had to bribe the cats out of hiding with cat treats and more treats! After that, they didn't hide anymore, but neither did they wish to be in the same room as our friend, just to play safe, I suppose.

Slideshow - Sunday is for napping

Song: Stars are Blind by Paris Hilton (just for the camp factor ;) )

Snowy has reached her ideal weight, or rather, what her pet human think is her ideal weight! She's now at 3.8kg, so she doesn't have to diet anymore, just normal maintenance will do. Coco, on the other hand, needs to eat much more. As it is, she's eating a lot more than Snowy, and yet it takes quite an effort just to keep her weight stable. How lucky for her if she's a human girl...won't grow fat!


EJ. said...

How can Snowy meditate with Paris Hilton's
Loves the way Coco hugs over Snowy.

cat_aunty said...

Maybe Coco is just geneticlly petite. As long as she is healthy, should be ok