Monday, August 20, 2007

Counteracting objections (to allow pets on MRT)

Since doing the LTA survey (see related post below), I realise there are many people who are opposed to the idea of allowing pets on MRT. Obviously, I think these people are not pet owners, nor do they have any special affiliation to pets or animals.

Some of their objections are:

* What benefits are there in allowing pets on MRT, other than benefitting pet owners?
* Imagine if the animal pee and poo in the train?
* What about people who are sensitive to animal fur?
* The MRT is already so crowded, so how can we allow pets / animals on it?
* What if the animal attacks innocent people?
* Etc - of course, we can expect some objection based on religious grounds, or due to psychological reasons.

How shall we counter such objections and / or come up with suggestions to make allowing pets on the MRT workable?

Some of the things I can think of are:

1. Pet must be caged securely; and big dogs to be muzzled (as per usual regulation)

2. Allow pets during off-peak hours

3. Limit pets to a specific car e.g. the last car of the MRT

4. Pet owner to pay for a ticket for the pet which takes up space (excluding hand-hand hamsters) (?)
(However, I realise this is really debateable, since there are people who carry bulk luggage or carton boxes on the train without having to pay extra; in any case, I think hamster owners can easily smuggle the hamster onto the MRT).

5. Benefits to society: As a nation develops and matures, we must realise that the earth belongs to all living creatures...blah, blah, that sort of environmental, philosophical, spiritual argument (?)
(Difficult to sell this idea to pragmatic, kiasu and kiasi Singaporeans lah!)

6. Other developed countries can do it, what! So why not us??

7. Pets are also part of the family

8. Any others?

Please feel free to contribute your ideas.


LTA survey: Allowing pets in MRT stations / trains


budak said...

the folks who just do not want it will always find some new reason to justify themselves.

like those people who think the road is only for cars (and motorbikes/bicycles are nuisances) or those who refuse a give an inch over simple solutions in public transport:

EJ. said...

'Taxi firm settles with blind man refused ride because of guide dog'

auntie p said...

Yeah. To quote someone who put it so aptly:

...and people can also snap and start killing or hurting people around..

rationalisation does wonders for debate...