Monday, August 20, 2007

LTA survey: Allowing pets in MRT stations / trains

Survey Description (from LTA site):

We are currently reviewing our Rapid Transit Systems (RTS) regulations to ensure they are relevant to societal changes. For example, should pets be allowed in MRT stations or on MRT trains?

Let's all do this survey and make it easier for pet owners to take their pets / rescued cases on public transport.

Not everyone drives a car, and relying solely on taxis can be inconvenient and costly.

Last day of survey: 31 August 2007

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KXBC said...

I have also posted the same thing. :)

But I have been taking my brood on SBS buses for the past few years with no problem, even though some passengers may look. But most are curious and generally smile when they see a fur ball in the carrier.

There was one time I brought baby Chang Chang to the vet in a very small paper bag as he was too small to fit into the carrier. He actually stood and peered out of the paper bag to the amusement of the person sitting next to me.

cat_aunty said...

You are lucky, KXBC.

OK, granted, my cats are too heavy to go on public transport also lah, but the SMRT staffs stopped us from alighting the trains 5 or 6 years ago, and that was that.

auntie p said...

It's more strict on the MRT, whereas the bus-drivers are more kind or tolerant or maybe too busy to chup. :P

Chang Chang is so guai. Usually, the cats that I took on the bus are rather scared and will meow loudly, so it's a bit embarrassing. And I found out Jackie knew how to look out of the bus window, after a couple of bus trips. Haha!

KXBC said...

Auntie P, he was so guai because he was so weak, sick and constipated. After he recovered, he was a rascal and can no longer be trusted to stay in a paper bag.

And yeah, sometimes they will meow rather loudly but that's only YY. The rest just curled up into a fur ball.