Thursday, August 16, 2007

Joyful things

Coco lying on my patchwork blanket

...looking grumpy, as usual. Haha!

This blanket is quite special to me as it was handmade by a gal friend's mom and given to me many many years ago. *Gasp!* I think it had been more than 20 years' ago!

Such handmade blankets are hard to come by nowadays, and I no longer know anyone who makes it with collected scraps of fabric. The blanket is great on cool nights when I just like to sleep with a light cover. It feels cool and upon closer inspection, one will find many patches of those cool, polyester-looking "old women's fabric" (Ah Mah borh in Hokkien) which our grandmas and Ah Mah or Ah Mmmh would use to make their blouses in the old days. We even had one Ah Mmmh relative who used to work as a Hong Tou Jin (红头巾) or the Samsui Women, i.e. those very strong woman workers who wore a red head dress while working at construction sites (yes, the early builders of our nation). She too wore blouses made of such Ah Mah borh, but I am digressing.

Snowy and me

Snowy is the one who will allow herself to be carried. Uncle S and I love to carry and cuddle her, and we have to do this everyday. So poor Snowy finds herself being carried (against her will) several times a day by the two of us.



EJ. said...

These patch blanket are always coated with special touch and memories. Coco keeping it well.
Snowy should charge 5 kibbles per carry! and 10 kibbles per cuddling.

cat_aunty said...

Coco has lovely colorings. And she has a round moon face.

=^..^= said...

Snowy's belly looks tempting to snuggle in!!! ;D

~The Flyer