Sunday, August 12, 2007

Snowy at play

Snowy used to love playing with the feather toy. Once she grabs the feather in her mouth, she would run to a quiet corner, perhaps to devour her "bird / prey", but we didn't allow that to happen, of course.

(Snowy, Feb 2007)

She has a long sinewy body that's so full of potential, yet she doesn't know it and would only act clumsily, such as stepping onto obstacles (e.g.foster mommy) instead of jumping and skipping over them.

(Snowy, May 2007)


P.S.: On a separate note, I'm glad that Snowy is really warming up to visitors. Last Sunday, we had about 14 guests (including 4 very excited toddlers) over for a party, and while Snowy was shy at first, she later allowed herself to be stroked, carried, and didn't flinch when a kid tugged at her whiskers. I'm so proud of her. *grin*

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EJ. said...

Great balancing act, Snowy!