Sunday, August 12, 2007

Coco at play

After posting about Snowy at play, I must also post about Coco or else kxbc might get jealous. Heheh! :P

Coco's idea of play is very different from Snowy's. Her idea of play is basically to go where we don't like her to go, and to mess up whatever things that we are trying to organise in an orderly manner, such as:

Playing with my work pants

Helping to lay on fresh bedsheets

Playing hide-and-seek!

Catching flying insects & lizards (which both cats seem to enjoy)

Last but not least, chasing Snowy all around the home which happens every day.


KXBC said...

I love your marble flooring. We used to have it too except that it was a yucky brown-green colour. The 4 cats (YY has not been cat-napped then) loved lying on the cool cool floor, especially on hot afternoons.

The only not swell thing was that the clay litter will leave little scratch marks. And it is also porous such that vomit may leave a stain if not cleaned up quickly enough.

Maybe we will have marble flooring again when we move house.

EJ. said...

Coco prefer the clothings.
So everyday they use the home as a horsetrack.

auntie p said...

Ha! On the contrary, I don't really fancy marble flooring if I had a choice. I would prefer wood flooring which gives a warm feeling, although that one is not good for spilled liquids too.

The marble flooring was already there when we bought the flat, and since it was in good condition (if we can close one eye to some deep scratches and chipped lobangs here and there), all we did was give it a polish before we moved in.

cat_aunty said...

Snowy has the most precious expression.

As I had said before, I don't know if you have the heart to give them up.