Friday, August 31, 2007

Update on Snowy in new home

SMS update from Snowy's guardian mommy this morning:

- Just to update you, both cats are getting along well but not close yet. Snowy should have gotten used.. Just realised Snowy is with us for 2 weeks, I thought was longer than that. Hehe..

(To my question whether both cats (Luckie and Snowy) can be together without hissing)

- It's ok. They seem to be working out fine. Sleep on the same sofa but different location. Hehe..

(Snowy at foster home)

Ps : Photos of Snowy at adopter's home is not yet available as their camera's battery is out of order.


cat_aunty said...

Oh, two weeks already....all the best, Snowy!! We will miss you!!

VeganCatsg said...

Good news :)

Chewy said...

She is so so white! very lovely...that black little spot looks like a goaty...very very pretty gilr!

auntie p said...

Hi Chewy, thanks for dropping by. :)

Yep, Snowy does have a cute goatee. She's all white except for a calico patch on her behind and on her tail.