Sunday, September 02, 2007

Pet Hair Removing Sponge - stocks have arrived

After being out of stock for several months, stocks of the Pet Hair Removing Sponge have finally arrived at Daiso. SO found it at the Vivocity branch, and I've asked him to buy an extra 3 pieces.

I'd given away a couple of them (from the last purchase) to cat owners who have found them useful, so if any cat owner would like to try it, please drop me a comment, and I can mail one to you (f.o.c.).

Ps: While the above black sponge was out-of-stock, Daiso did carry another type of pet hair removing sponge (the orange-yellow colour one), but I personally prefer the black one.

Meanwhile, this was the moon seen last Wednesday evening. This was the night after the one during which the 2nd (red) moon (aka Mars?) could be seen somewhere in the world. The moon looked very large and low, and it's always a challenge for photographers to capture the "egg-yolk moon", even for an anyhow photographer with a low-end digi-camera like me. :p


MightyMouse said...

Can I pls "chope" one piece? :) The moon pix looks good!

auntie p said...

Mightymouse: Of course can lah!
It will be my small token of appreciation to you for being my Cat-sultant! Hee hee...

cat_aunty said...

Wow, great pix!!