Friday, September 07, 2007

Morning calls

Since Snowy's adoption, Coco has taken over the task of jumping onto my bed to give me morning calls (Snowy has gone on to become her new guardian mommy's alarm clock!). Usually, Coco will give the first call to wake me up after my alarm clock goes off, followed by a 2nd, and perhaps a 3rd call if I am still snoozing in bed.

I asked my colleague if her cats does that to her, and she said yes! One of her cats (the first and more dominant one) will keep crying outside their bedroom door until they respond to her. The cute thing is, her cat would adjust her morning calls according to whether it's the weekdays or the weekend, so that a later morning call would be provided on weekend mornings!

It is still too early for me to tell if Coco has this ability to allow me to sleep late on the weekends. Even her morning calls can be a bit inconsistent at times. Like this morning, she came to give me a morning call, and as usual, I would snooze off again, expecting the next call from Coco. However, the 2nd morning call never came, all because Coco herself was too tempted by my blanket that she decided to snuggle up to my hip for a snooze herself!

So much for reliable service. ;)


cat_aunty said...

Hahaha a grouchy looking alarm clock!!

ck said...

I think the only reason why Coco wakes you up is because she wants her breakfast!

EJ. said...

Snowy did not brief Coco properly
on her new duty.
Disgrunted Coco: Get a rooster to replace Snowy's "duty"!

auntie p said...

ck: I think it's not always about her breakfast leh. Sometimes, I wake up to find some dry food left on Coco's bowl. She must be wanting attention.

auntie p said...

Oh EJ, I think you're right Coco was disgruntled, coz she's stopped doing her morning call duty already. Haha!