Sunday, September 09, 2007

Snowy's update

Snowy has gone to live with her new guardian parents for almost 4 weeks. Today, her mommy sent me a photo update:

Both kitties are getting along well but sometimes Luckie still chase after Snowy. I suppose sometimes it's for fun but at times it seems like Luckie is jealous with Snowy? Maybe because Snowy always eat up Luckie's food. Haha...

Luckie, the resident cat at Snowy's new home. Ain't she cute-looking?

Snoozing on the sofa

Luckie is a handsome (though shy) tuxedo cat!

Snowy and ... er....Luckie?

Why do cats like to lie on stacks of newspapers, especially the ones the humans are reading?

Hmm...nice tv set

(Photos contributed by Snowy's mommy, taken with HP)


=^..^= said...

Wah!! What a funky tv set! I also want!

So nice to see another happy adoptee... ;D

~The Flyer

MightyMouse said...

Looks like Snowy has settled down well at her new home. She (almost all white) and Luckie (almost all black) make an interesting contrast.

EJ. said...

Snowy must be munching most of the food! She put on weight!?
Luckie would love Snowy's company.

auntie p said...

Mighty Mouse: perhaps it's a colour coordination thing. The last failed adopter who has a black resident cat also insisted on adopting a 2nd cat that is white, and white only!

EJ: Yeah, we thought we saw a bulge at Snowy's tummy! Hope Luckie likes Snowy's company. I think Luckie is trying to assert her queen status.

cat_aunty said...

All the best, Snowy!!

We will miss you!