Sunday, September 02, 2007

One cat in the house

Coco is now the reigning queen of the household. She's become more chatty and needy, often meowing for me whenever I'm not in the same room as her, and coming to me for attention.

She was more independent and aloof before, so her change in behaviour especially in the first 2 weeks after Snowy's adoption is quite interesting, to say the least.

To reassure her, we have been giving her more cat treats, neck scratches, more sayang and attention whenever she asks for it, and she seems to be getting less "needy" now.

Snuggling up with foster mom on the sofa

Coco has been sleeping with me every night, for at least a few hours. I suspect she prefers to sleep with me in the spare bedroom. On some nights, I would sleep half-way, then move over to sleep in the spare bedroom (where it's cooler, and has no snoring hubby.. Heh!). One night, I was still sleeping in the master bedroom (with no intention to shift) when Coco came to wake me up some time during the night. I couldn't placate her or stop her from meowing (she's already woke everybody up), but once I'd moved to the spare bedroom, she quieten down and just slept in bed with me!

*roll eyes*


cat_aunty said...

Hehe cute Coco!!

Does she miss Snowy?

Did you guys explain to her?

auntie p said...

She must have missed Snowy.

I did talk to Coco. :p

EJ. said...

How nice Coco is allowed to visit Snowy.