Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A home cat's life!

If only we could live like a home cat and sleep as much as we want, whenever we want, without a care in the world...

And definitely without having to worry about the next paycheck...

What a blissful life it would be... :)


cat_aunty said...

Coco's colorings remind me of autumn.....

Who is the hiao cha boh in the banner pix??

san said...

The banner kitty looks pretty helaty and formidable :) No nonsense kind of look :)

Home cats have it so much better than home humans seems like :)

Martin said...

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cohnsey said...

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auntie p said...

Cat aunty and san: That pretty calico cat gave uncle S a nasty scratch on his finger after some stroking. >_<

She was a community cat cared for by our bike shop friend. Our friend has moved away, so another feeder is taking care of her.