Friday, November 16, 2007

Jambala found

After having dinner last night, we've decided to try to look for Jambala at her regular hangout. It was about 8pm, and too dark around that corner of the car park to be able to see if there was any cat underneath the cars. I went to the parked cars, and began calling Jambala's name...hoping that nobody would hear me. :p

After several minutes of calling, Jambala finally emerged from under one of the cars and meowed at us in her usual soft, sweet voice (the voice she uses only when outside). Not only does she recognise her name and me, but she recognised the SO as well, although she still shy-ed away when we patted her.

Jambala looks well and cheery, and I thought her tummy looked rather round! I guess she still gets fed by the regular feeder. We gave her some dry food, a last sayang and said goodbye to her after clearing up. Then we were off to look for Timmy, the tuxedo community cat.

(Timmy, June 2006)

Timmy is looking plumper nowadays - it must be the extra snack of cooked fish that Ms J has been cooking and feeding them. Anyway, I always like the community cats to be slightly plump especially now that the rainy season will here soon. On those long rainy days and nights when it can rain non-stop for 24 hours, the cats can hide away and not come out to feed. The extra store of fat should come in handy to cushion them from the cold and hunger on those cold, rainy days.


cat_aunty said...

Good to hear that Jambala is ok.

Timmy could be Spencer's cousin?

auntie p said...


Maybe...but Timmy is a petite-sized cat leh, compared to the big-sized Spencer... :P

Timmy is very short from head to tail and short too, a bit like Coco, but Timmy is plumber. Coco is underweight!

cat_aunty said...

oh hohoho auntie P, I have decided not to translate your message to Spencer...she will bite you if she knows!

auntie p said...

Cat aunty, we have to "bite the bullet" and tell Spencer to get real and start to go on a diet !