Monday, December 17, 2007

Coco & the walking jacket

I've always been impressed and amazed by the way San has successfully trained her cats to walk on leashes using the walking jacket, and thought of trying it out with Coco. Coco had dashed out of the gate on a couple of occasions, so I thought it may be good to let her explore the outside safely on a leash.

San was very kind to let me borrow a walking jacket which Toro had previously worn to try on Coco. As I was on leave, I went to visit San to collect the walking jacket, and I'm very glad to have met her and her 5 cats! Rocket Tanaka (for adoption) is a friendly, innocent boy, while the others (Akira, Megat, Toro and Bujang) gradually came out of the bedroom to meet me, and allowed me to sayang them. It must be my lucky day. :))

Here's Coco checking out the walking jacket...guess she didn't yet know what she would be in for.

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Like San said, the jacket looks good on her! :)

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The first try - the jacket was velcro-ed too loosely, and in her bid to "escape", she managed to get her two front paws through the collar.

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Here's the 2nd try, when I tightened the velcro at the collar and around the body. Hehe!

ps: the camera was shaking at some point because I was trying to stifle my giggling.

After that trial, I let Coco off her ordeal, and she ran to hide under the bed and refused to come near me...that is, until I took out her wet food dinner lah!



san said...

Wah if she can walk to the cupboard, she can walk lah in the walking jacket. Toro used to walk in circles backwards. I had to give him a few treats and he had to go forwards to eat them :))

Hey Coco, try lah. Then you can get out of the house. Its worth it.

Fresh Fry said... think me heard coco cried, "u evil mummy...."


EJ. said...

Oh dear, modelling would be out of question for Coco!
Think she need to see another cat wearing it.Just like Tanaka calming down after observing cool Toro walking calming in it.

auntie p said...

Coco definitely can walk forward if she would not be concious about the jacket.

I wasn't being evil lah, but Coco is just so cute and funny! Heheheh! Luckily, she doesn't hate me after her ordeal...she's still sweet to me. :)

cat_aunty said...

Coco is more plump than I thought.

They always feel so awkward when using collar for the first time, not to say a walking jacket! I think with time, she will get used to it. Mera did.

The tiger stripes jacket looks a bit...erm....kinky...

auntie p said...

Alas! The fit isn't quite perfect. I think the jacket is a little too short (along the length/spine).